You can reach me at jcharmant at gmail.com. Please be aware that I may take a while to respond.



I am a software engineer working in the field of Virtual Reality and light field rendering.

I also created and develop Kinovea, an open source software for anyone studying human motion in videos, primarily focused on technical analysis in sport. Kinovea has been downloaded more than a million times and is being used by world class athletes and cited in hundreds of research papers.


Sunrise over lilly ville

I did quite a few digital photo-montage artworks between 2004 and 2011 and some of them were printed in magazines. They were collected at this very URL until 2018, when I decided to use this website as my main online entry point and move the collection to http://joancharmant.art.


European Indoor Championships, Vienna, Austria.

In what now seems to be a previous life, I was a high jumper. My personnal best is 2.28m. (I’m told this is 7 feet and 5.76 inches).

My top achievements are as follow:

  • I placed 5th at the European Indoor Championships in Vienna, Austria in 2002.
  • I placed 2nd at the World University Games in Daegu, Korea in 2003.
  • I participated in the World Indoor Championships in Budapest, Hungary in 2004.
  • I won the French National Championships in 2003 and the National Indoor Championships in 2004.