Micro quadcopter balance
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The small T shapes protruding from the Wasp 110 carbon frame are quite handy for many purposes, including balancing the quadcopter center of gravity.

It’s not perfect because the two-point support given by the wires provides a bit of extra stability. It still gives valuable information as to whether the craft is tail or nose heavy.

The featured quadcopter is nothing fancy, it is a transplant of a Hubsan X4 flight controller board, motors and propellers to the Wasp 110 carbon fiber frame from SOSx.

The FPV camera, VTX and antenna is the Spektrum VA1100 bundle. I use a separate 1S LiPo to power the FPV subsystem.

AUW is 53.5 grams and motor to motor length is 110 mm.

The balancing rig is made out of MakerBeam parts.

Balancing rig Balancing rig

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