I really really hate writing about myself, so I'll only give you simple lines with a few pictures.

- My name is Joan Charmant, born june 1978.
- I live in Bordeaux, South West of France.
- Software Engineer.

- I'm developping a piece of open source software called Kinovea, to analyze motion in video.
- Kinovea was finalist at the Trophées du Libre awards 2009.
- I contribute to framalang, a french translation team focused on free software and free culture.

- Check the How I work page for more informations and background.
- I definitely need to work on my photography, drawing and 3D modeling skills.

- In what now seems a previous life, I've been an high jumper. My personnal best is 2.28m. (7 ft 5.75 in)
- I placed 5th at the European Indoor Championships in Vienna (AUT) 2002.
- I placed 2nd at the World University Games in Daegu (KOR) 2003.
- I participated in the World Indoor Championships in Budapest (HUN) 2004.